About us

The company "Elitphito" - a company with extensive experience, our own research and production base and professional staff.

Our specialization - a release of natural oils of the highest quality technology first cold pressing and production of high-quality meal, flour and natural dietary mixtures.

All our products are manufactured on German equipment on German technology meets European requirements for food safety and is in constant control of accredited laboratories and State Standard of Ukraine's leading institutes and laboratories in Germany.

Scientific and Production Company "Elitphito" was established in late May 2010. Today it is a company with its own research and production facilities, laboratory and professional staff that develops and manufactures products aimed at disease prevention, improving health and quality of life - natural sea buckthorn fruit oil, rose, pine nut kernels, walnut seeds black cumin, amaratu, flax, pumpkin, thistle, watermelon, sesame, hemp.

Head of the company - Nazar Alexandrovich Dziubaniuk - a graduate of the Ivano-Frankivsk State Academy. Constantly working to improve their skills and employment of staff of the enterprise.

Organized by a group of specialists to quickly and accurately perform all tasks. The key principles of work are:

  - Honesty
  - Decency
  - Commitment company


Workers' Elitphito constantly involved in teaching methodology seminars, exchange of experience both in Ukraine and abroad. Work on the production of various forms of ownership, scientific and research, pharmaceutical and medical hospitals, creative approach to implementing technology solutions allows the team NPF "Elitphito" produce high-quality products to market around the world, such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Slovatchyny, Australia, USA and Canada. Location partnership is expanding.

Official representative in Vinnitsia region: "Golden Bridge"

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الممثل الرسمي للمصنع في الوطن العربي

Dr. Firas Al-Ali 



Head of the company "ElitPhito"
Sincerely, head of the company "ElitPhito"
Internationally recognized
Quality Standards are met.
Vegetable oils meet European standards of food, European quality standards and GMP are constant quality control in laboratories State Standard