Diploma of winner award named Gerasimos Tersenova

In August 2015 the Director of the Private Enterprise Research and Production Company "Elitfito" Dziubaniuk Nazar Alexandrovich was awarded the prize and awarded a diploma of th... Read more

Laureate Diploma of the regional rating review "Galician kmitlyvets 2014"

In 2015 Dziubaniuk Nazar Alexandrovich Director of PE "Scientific and Production Company" Elitphito" got Laureate Diploma Regional Rating review "Galician kmitlyvets 2014"a... Read more

Diploma of winner "Triumph 2014"

In 2015, the Private Enterprise "Scientific-Production Firm "Elitphito" became a winner in the contest “Triumph 2014” in nomination "Best local brand" ... Read more

Ukrainian competition of quality of goods (works, services) "100 best goods of Ukraine"

Annual competition "100 best goods of Ukraine" conducted in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine on February 23, 2001 №113 "On measures to improve the quality of do... Read more

The winner of the All-Ukrainian quality contest (goods and services) 100 best goods of Ukraine

In 2015 the company Research and Production Company "Elitphito" became a winner of the All-Ukrainian quality contest (goods and services) "100 best goods of Ukraine" in nom... Read more
Internationally recognized
Quality Standards are met.
Vegetable oils meet European standards of food, European quality standards and GMP are constant quality control in laboratories State Standard