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Happy family


Health is the greatest gift of nature. A human has received extremely perfect organizm from nature. German scientist M. Pettenkofer wrote: "We often act as a wasteful heir of wealthy parents, not knowing the true price of health we have inherited. We are losing it without prudence, without worrying about the future." Therefore, we are offering natural vegetable oils that would help to protect our health.

Mix oil has a unique composition which men need from birth to old age.

Its regular use raises resistance to stresses, improves work of immune system, and decreases a risk of emergence of blood clots and atherosclerotic plaques.

Mix oil helps men protect against impotence, prostatitis, adenoma, improves blood circulation in the genital area. Prevents from formation of tumors, and protects liver from destructive effect of alcohol.


Vegetable oils have gained wide popularity in folk medicine. They contain a number of substances necessary for the life of our body. It is also important that some of them are not formed in the body.

Due to its unique composition, this mix oil has a complex health and rejuvenating effect, as it is a powerful antioxidant. It normalizes hormonal balance, reduces cholesterol level and improves metabolism. It increases immune functions of an organism, contributes to the improvement of activity of cardiovascular system neutralizes a negative impact of waste products, toxins and carcinogen on a human body. Positively influences development of fetus, including the formation of nervous system, the mix oil improves the condition of skin, nails, hair.


Caring for a child's health is the most important thing in parents' life. For our children to grow healthy, strong and hard-working they need to receive good nutrition.

Mix oil is indispensable as a dietary product for baby food. For the children it helps to form the immune system, to strengthen the bones, to develop mental abilities and memory, to protect the central nervous system. Mix oil improves the face and hand skin condition – ulcers and teenage acnes disappear.

Its consumption can prevent the development of tooth decay and will keep your teeth healthy for a long time. If used regularly it increases resistance to stress and improves the immune system. It is useful for small children as the prevention of colds. It is a natural anthelmintic agent.





It is recommended to drink 1 tsp of oil 30 min. before meals 2-3 times a day.

In cooking

Oils cannot be heated, so it is better add it to the ready-to-eat meals, i.e. soups, gruel, porridge, meat and fish dishes, sauce and dressings.

Integrated help

It is a strong stimulator of the immune system, helps the growth and strengthening of hair, prevents hair loss and even prevents premature graying.

Internationally recognized
Quality Standards are met.
Vegetable oils meet European standards of food, European quality standards and GMP are constant quality control in laboratories State Standard