News / Elitphito at the Exhibition "Bread Festival - 2017", Lviv
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Elitphito at the Exhibition "Bread Festival - 2017", Lviv

12 September, 2017





September 10, 2017, at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life «Shevchenko's Grove» (Lviv), the XIIIth "Feast of bread" took place. Like every year, visitors were pleasantly surprised by the Feast of interesting events and had an unforgettable positive impression.


Traditionally, the celebration began with the consecration of loaves in the authentic ancient church and with the festive procession of women-bakers. Visitors and guests had the opportunity to taste the bread baked according to old recipes, to join the revive of the traditions to celebrate bread, to take part in master classes, competitions and events.


"Feast of Bread" was filled with the melodious Ukrainian song, which was heard from the choristers areas of the museum.